You are already part of a group. Without realising it we operate in groups on a daily basis, whether it is a group of work colleagues, a family, membership in a society, or even online. It is precisely because we live naturally as a part of many groups that group therapy is a powerful tool for healing and self-development. Group therapy is a space where a group of unique individuals come together to engage in a process of group exploration and support. The groups that I run are varied and serve different purposes. If you are struggling with a difficult diagnosis such as Major Depression or Bipolar I offer a support group that meets once a week for an hour and a half, after hours, where members come from varying backgrounds but are coping with similar difficulties.

I also offer a therapy group for individuals who are looking to improve their relationships with others, grow personally, and develop a healthy identity. Both groups are closed groups meaning that new members are not introduced regularly but rather at certain points along the process, if at all. The groups are a confidential and safe space and all members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement and are asked to limit their contact outside of the group so that the group space remains a place where trust exists and where individual interactions can be thought about by the group as a whole.

The role of the therapist is not to lead the group but rather to observe and comment on the process of the group and to facilitate the more introspective and collaborative nature of group therapy. Before you join a group you will meet with me first to discuss what it is that you are hoping to gain and to ensure that group therapy would be the correct choice to assist you with your concerns. An added bonus is that group therapy is almost always more affordable than individual therapy and is covered by many medical aids.