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Individual therapy for adults and adolescents aims at helping you overcome any obstacles that prevent you from being effective in your life. Sometimes this is in the area of work or personal development, other times it could be problems with relationships or family. It could also be more severe illnesses such as depression or anxiety. Any and all of these difficulties can be addressed one-on-one in individual therapy between you and a therapist. This involves meeting once a week for 50 mins on a consistent day and time so that a structure can be created in which you feel comfortable to share your difficulties with the therapist. You both can then reflect on how they affect you and how best to proceed.

Therapists do not often give advice because a better solution for you is always one which comes from within you and which resonates with your inner world. However therapists do have the skills and training to help you find this inner guidance and to help you let go of unhelpful ideas or self-defeating thoughts and behaviours.

One of the down-sides of individual therapy is that it can be uncomfortable at times and may allow you to feel unhappy, confused, angry, or hurt when you are faced with painful realities. However, you have come to a therapist presumably because you are struggling with some aspect of your daily life already and therefore you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. By allowing you to feel these discouraging feelings with an attentive and supportive therapist it is possible for you to slowly feel less alone and more able to cope. Further, the insight you gain may help you well beyond the individual session or even long after therapy has ended.

Therapy does not aim to make you happy all the time, but rather for you to effectively manage the ups and downs of daily life whilst equipping you with the inner tools and resilience to create the life you envision for yourself, in all areas, and at all ages.