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Are you tired of having the same old arguments about the same old things- things that never seem to change or go away? Do you feel that there might be something deeper that is causing unhappiness in your relationship? Do you fear your old ‘baggage’ popping up in your current relationship to cause mayhem all over again?

Couples therapy is not only for relationships that are in deep trouble but it is most certainly a powerful tool for improving troubled relationships and getting them to a place where they feel less desperate and more resilient. People have an innate drive to be connected to others in meaningful and fulfilling ways but we are mostly unaware of just what it is that truly makes us feel safe (or why we feel unsafe). Due to this unconscious drive we very often struggle to understand why we do and say things that should be helping us feel better but instead cause rifts and fights between us and our loved ones- loved ones who are invariably also trying to get their own needs met. Coming together as a couple to work on your relationship gives you an environment and an opportunity to work both on yourselves as well as your relationship to develop a deeper and more fulfilling connection to each other.

I see the relationship as a living, breathing thing that is more than the sum of the people in it, and as such I approach each relationship as something that has both a history and a future. This co-creation of a relationship means that you may be required to be introspective of your own part in developing the relationship to the stage it is at and this can be uncomfortable in the presence of your partner. Being vulnerable and more open to your partner in a safe and supportive environment is, however, a powerful healing factor in any relationship. If you are unsure whether you would like couples therapy or an individual therapy you are welcome to consult with me first and we can decide what the best course for you would be.