I am a trained and registered Clinical Psychologist with a passion for people and desire to see some good come of my time on earth. I am a committed therapist with a range of experience from many different settings and I continuously engage in further learning to improve both my skills and my understanding of others. I am a member of various reading groups and clinical seminars and I strongly believe in engaging with my colleagues and role models so that I can always provide the best service possible to my clients. Psychology is a calling that requires a commitment to self-improvement and self-reflection and I fully believe in its ability to help with a wide range of difficulties and to improve quality of life.

Work Experience

I started my career at the South African depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG), where I was a telephonic counsellor for the 24 hour crisis line. I also assisted with training of new counsellors and with outreach programs, predominantly in schools.

Master’s Degree at Wits University (With Distinction)

A Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology consists of three components over 2 years. The first component consists of coursework in related fields such as psychotherapy, psychopathology, developmental psychology, and psychological assessment (Child/Adult/Neuropsychological). The second is a practical component at the Emthonjeni Community Psychology Centre where I conducted short term adult and child psychotherapy under senior supervisors. The third aspect of the M1 year was a research dissertation which was undertaken simultaneously.

Chris Hani BAragwanath

For the first half of my intership i was employed as a Clinical Psychology Intern at Chris Hani Bara Hospital. I worked in the Child, Adolescent, and Family Unit as part of a multidisciplinary team in the Outpatients Department. The unit is a tertiary institution that receives cases from the local community in Soweto and further abroad. It deals with all forms of child and family mental health issues and provides individualized and holistic treatment options to its patients. As an intern I was engaged in individual and play therapy with children and adolescents as well as parental guidance for their caregivers. I ran groups within the hospital, most notably in the peadiatric oncology and peadiatric burns units. I worked closely with other medical and allied health professionals and was regularly required to attend inter-hospital ward rounds and meetings which exposed me to a wide range of cases and opportunities for professional development. I also administered psychometric tests and facilitated further engagement in other community development structures through close networks with other health and education services.

The H. Moross TARA Hospital

My work at TARA was spread across 2 departments, namely the Outpatients Department and the Men’s Inpatient Psychiatric Ward.

Outpatient department duties consist of therapy and case management as part of a multidisciplinary team working with TARA outpatients. This included the provision of individual and group therapy to a wide range of individuals with various psychiatric conditions. Weekly case presentations and multidisciplinary team meetings exposed me to teamwork and holistic patient management and my time as part of this team was both fulfilling and expanded my clinical skill-set immensely. I was also involved in family therapy as part of a reflecting team and as the case manager. Further duties included teaching a didactic Dialectical Behavioural Therapy program which runs for 12 weeks and provides an intensive, 3 times per week, group therapy for outpatients with severe relational and emotion regulation difficulties

My duties in the Men’s Inpatient Psychiatric Ward included evaluation and intervention in the management of severe psychiatric disorders of adult male inpatients. I ran psycho-education and supportive group therapy as well as climate meetings on the ward. Alongside the multidisciplinary teams I was involved in family assistance and patient reintegration. These multidisciplinary teams typically consisted of psychiatry, social work, occupational therapy, nursing, and psychology. In my capacity as intern clinical psychologist I was also tasked with neuro-cognitive and personality testing to assist with case management of both inpatients and outpatients.

Community Work

My position as a Clinical Psychologist in Community Service required that I attend various Primary Health Care Clinics in the Johannesburg Metro Area including Soweto and Alexandra- two of South Africa’s oldest and most impoverished townships. My duties included the provision of individual and group therapy to outpatients at various clinics as well as related case management of psychotherapy patients in consultation with their other treating professionals. This position exposed me to a wide range of different patients and presentations from varying backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances. It also required high levels of independence and personal management and a commitment to effective

treatment as many of the clinics I worked in are severely under resourced considering the large areas which they serve. This taught me to be quick thinking and active in engaging with unexpected challenges. This environment impresses upon one the massive importance of preventative care and capacity building within the community, but was a welcome learning experience.

Baby And Child Wellness Centre

I currently work from the Baby and Child Wellness Centre in Bryanston offering Individual, Couples, and Group Therapy. My practice caters for children, adolescents and adults in a warm and professional environment. I treat a range of difficulties including anxiety and depression as well as general life difficulties. I have a particular interest in adolescent identity formation and personality disorders in adults. I also do trauma therapy using the Wits Trauma Model on both a short term and long term (if needed) basis. All my therapies are informed by a psychodynamic approach which means that all my treatments are catered to your unique needs and aim to help you discover the inner obstacles that are holding you back, and finding new ways of being that will allow you to live a more fulfilling and whole life. I also treat more severe psychiatric disorders and provide supportive therapy for both the client and/or families of those affected. The Baby and Child Wellness Centre is a multidisciplinary centre with a wide range of professionals, all working with families and individuals to provide the highest level of care and developmental assistance to those who seek it. If you would like to know more you can visit the website at www.bcwell.co.za




  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Industrial Sociology) (with Distinction)
  • Bachelor of Arts With Honours (Psychology) (With Distinction)
  • Master of Arts (Clinical Psychology) (With Distinction)
  • Working With Groups (year 1) at uBubele
  • The Working With Groups course is an internationally recognised group therapy training that is overseen by the Institute of Group Analysis in London.